Hi! I’m Jacob. Welcome to my website!

I like building things. Does that sound too broad?

Hmm, if I were to narrow it down, I would say there are two basic things which gets me going:

Design. Code.

Back in college I journeyed through most technologies (Web development, Android development, Machine learning and more), to find a true passion, and finally after 5 years of messing around, I realized that I am just another guy who likes building things, truly an Engineer.

Out of the languages I have learned, my favourite would be Python. Working as a Big Data Engineer at the moment. I do a bit of Android development in my free time, mostly because I like designing UIs. I would say my expertise lies in Enterprise level Data Analytics and Designing and Building of data flow pipelines.

When I’m not doing anything tech, I like to spent my time visiting new Brew Pubs and trying out all kinds of foods. If I’m not doing that I am probably watching a new TV series. Pop and Jazz are my two favourite music genres, and my favourite YouTubers are MKBHD and Mrinal.

Feel free to hit me up!